Calendar of The Third Well

The Open Forum results were tallied and we ended up with a number of choices - so many good ones that we cannot possibly get them done in 2017. So we now have a tentative schedule that stretches until the summer of 2018!!  And we still have more more to schedule, but we will have another Open Forum in November of 2017 and come up with another year and a half of schedule.

So what are the chances that we will be able to stick to exactly this schedule all the way through the first half of 2018. My estimate is between 1 and 2 %. Because stuff happens. We may have a missionary visit that we want to hear, or we decide to have a special Sunday with one big service and no Sunday School, or a teacher suddenly has to miss a Sunday. 

You will notice that we have put a few Open Dates in the schedule to try to account for changes and move things around a bit. And as we approach an Open date and we do not need it I will have a short topic that was highly rated available and teach it that day. If you are a listed teacher on any of the topics shown and see a schedule problem for your classes, simply let me know and we will adjust the schedule. 

Keep your eye on this page and you will always know what is coming!

And a big thanks again for your participation in our Open Forum voting!

                                   THE CALENDAR                                                            Topic                                                                Date                        

Divine Guidance for Good Living           Jan 8 - Jan 15, 2017        Sandy Kress

Christianity in the Reformation Era         Jan 22 - Mar 26, 2017       Mike Ervin         

Counting of the Omer                              Apr 2 - Apr 9, 2017            Sandy Kress

Easter - No Sunday School                   Apr 16, 2017                

Counting of the Omer                               Apr 23 - May 21, 2017      Sandy Kress

Surprised By Hope                                    May 28- Jun 11, 2017      Carol Friesen

Islam                                                           Jun 18 - Jun 25, 2017        Paul Friesen

The Talmud and Ethics                           Jul 2 - Aug 13, 2017        Sandy Kress 

No Class  One WHPC Service and Celebration      Aug 20, 2017   

Open                                                                           Aug 27, 2017

Eastern Orthodoxy                                               Sep 3 - 17, 2017    Mike Ervin 

Following Christ in a Consumer Society        Oct 1 - Oct 8, 2017   Carol Friesen

Dietrich Bonhoeffer                                       Oct 15 - Oct 22, 2017  Mike Ervin 

Open                                                                        Oct 29, 2017      

The Nicene Councils                                Nov 5 - Nov 12, 2017        Mike Ervin

Open Forum                                                          Nov 19, 2017          All

Leadership in the Bible                                Nov 26 - Dec 17, 2017  Sandy Kress

NO SUNDAY SCHOOL                                 Dec 24 - Dec 31, 2017

Leadership in the Bible                            Jan 7 - Jan 24, 2018      Sandy Kress

Christianity - the First 1500 Years                  Jan 28 - May 6, 2018   Mike Ervin