Third Well Articles!

What Does That Mean?

We created The Third Well to be a learning experience. And to satisfy a need to deepen our understanding of the wisdom in the Bible. With that in mind we wanted to create the possibility of others to contribute to the website with some of their ideas and share their knowledge.

So Articles! is About You Possibly Contributing Articles for Our Website.

If you are a member of this class - we invite you to feel free to contribute articles to the site to enhance the learning experience of others. 

But more than that  - even if you are not a member of this class we invite you to contribute articles. Whether you live here in Austin, Texas, or in Kuala Lumpur, we would welcome your interaction with our learning. And whether you are an academic, attending a seminary somewhere and would like to see your work published on the web, or if you are just a lover of wisdom and would like to share your insights - you are all invited.

If your article is chosen we will place it in the appropriate place in our Navigation Bar and will give it proper attribution. 

And each newly posted article will appear in our Blog.

Our guidelines is that anything contributed needs to be consistent with the basic theme of this site - namely the study of the wisdom and teachings of the Bible. 

Even if you do not want to develop an original article but are aware of other articles that might advance what we are doing, feel free to supply those articles and we will be happy to post them after checking to see there are no copyright issues.

As you can probably tell we want this site to continue to grow to be a richer source of understanding of the teachings of the Bible. And we welcome your help in doing that!

Please be aware - we will have to review your submissions for appropriateness before posting them. Unfortunately there are internet trolls that delight in invading websites with their views and we will be rather ruthless in refusing those.

And we are not looking for theological arguments pitting any any particular religion or denomination against another. So don't waste your time trying that!

So - with all of those caveats out of the way - please consider being a contributor to what we are trying to do. One of the things that we have learned so far in our studies together is that some of our best learnings are from each other.

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