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Sandy Kress

Sandy blogged most of last year on the book of Proverbs, and developed the discussion questions we had in class based on those blog entries. I think you will find that your understanding of the deeper meanings in each of the proverbs we discussed will be enhanced if you also read those short blog posts that these questions came from. Below each lesson here you will find links to Sandy's blog posts that covered the proverbs of that lesson. Please click on those links and it will take you to those blog posts.

My Favorite Proverbs - Lesson 1

Links to Sandy's 6 posts of Lesson 1              [1]       [2]      [3]      [4]      [5]      [6]

My Favorite Proverbs - Lesson 2

 Links to Sandy's 4 posts of Lesson 2              [1]       [2]      [3]      [4]

My Favorite Proverbs - Lesson 3

 Links to Sandy's  6 posts of Lesson 3       [1]       [2]      [3]      [4]      [5]      [6]

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