Online Bible Study Courses

Online Bible study courses are in demand. One of the greatest assets of this website, The Third Well - - is its vast array of Bible study courses and a wide spectrum of information that can be used in combination with other online study courses, study in church and synagogue, and study on one’s own. 

One of the primary motivations of the creators and the sustainers of this website is to provide high quality material and other tools related principally to Bible-based, adult religious education for application by educators and other interested users. We believe that online Bible study course material will be valuable both to those who mainly use online resources as well as those looking online for tools to use in more traditional settings. 

Typically, the sessions that are now taught at a Bible Study class at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church contain the following information and tools - Bible text, guided questions, short summaries, lesson plans, and audio discussions in class. Together these materials make it possible for the “technological visitor” to take these Bible study courses online and/or to supplement his or her learning through these online Bible study resources. 

For example, you can find on this site an online study course on all the weekly Torah Portions of the Hebrew Bible: 

You can find on this site an online Bible study course on the 613 mitzvot in the Hebrew Bible entitled Divine Guidance for Good Living

You can find on this site an online bible study course on Lessons in the Talmud.

You can find on this site an online bible study course on Reform Era Christianity

You can find on this site an online study course on The Divine Comedy:

There is an in online study course of the book of Genesis reviewed from a literary perspective and reading the book as a whole. That one is called Reading Genesis as Literature and stretches over eleven weeks.

You can find on this site an online study course on "Eastern Orthodox Christianity".

As well as an online study course on the "Ecumenical Church Councils" of Christianity. 

We have a series of online studies on the sacred texts of other religions. these include Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, the Latter Day Saints, and the sacred texts of China. The complete menu can be found here.

We have an 8 week online Bible study course titled "Jesus and the Gospels".

We will be adding Bible study course material in all forms - written, audio, and video - over time and intend to be one of the best web resources for online Bible Study courses as well as a wide variety of materials that can augment group and individual Bible study in the church, synagogue, and on one’s own.

Online Bible Study Courses

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