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Mike Ervin

We tell the history of the development of today's Bible(s) in 16 lessons - listed below. Each lesson will be added sequentially as they are finished and will link to the lesson presentation.

I. Telling the Story of a Book                                                      July 29

II. The Making of TaNaK                                                             August 5

III. Types of Jewish Scripture                                                    August 12

IV. Birth of the Christian New Testament                                August 19

V. The Jewish and Christian Canon                                        September 2

VI. Writing and Copying                                                           September 9

VII. Imperial Sponsorship of the Bible                                  September 16

VIII. Translations Everywhere!                                               September 23 

IX. Interpretation in Medieval Christianity                            September 30

X. The Renaissance, Printing, and the Bible                         October 7

XI. The Protestant Reformation and the Bible                      October 14

XII. Translating the Bible into the People's Languages       October 21

XIII. Geneva, Bishops, Douay-Rheims, King James              October 28

XIV. Romance of Manuscripts & The Critical Text                 November 11

XV. The Historical-Critical Approach                                     November 18

XVI. The Bible's Story Continues                                           November 25

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