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Mike Ervin

We tell the history of the development of today's Bible(s) in 18 lessons - listed below. Each lesson will be added sequentially as they are finished and will link to the lesson presentation.

I. Telling the Story of a Book

II. The Origins of TaNaK

III. Forms of Jewish Scripture

IV. Birth of the Christian Bible

V. The Jewish and Christian Canon

VI. Copying

VII. Imperial Sponsorship

VIII. Translations

IX. Interpretation in Medieval Christianity

X. The Renaissance, Printing, and the Bible

XI. The Protestant Reformation and the Bible

XII. Translating the Bible into Modern Languages

XIII. First Efforts at Englishing the Bible

XIV. The King James Version

XV. The Romance of Manuscripts

XVI. The Critical Text

XVII. The Historical-Critical Approach

XVIII. The Bible's Story Continues...

History of the Bible Menu

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