Christianity in the Reformation Era

Between 1500-1650, Christianity in the Reformation dramatically changed Western Europe. Modern Christian pluralism took shape. Catholicism persisted and was renewed; various forms of Protestantism were born and institutionalized; and a wide range of radical forms of Protestantism emerged. We will attempt to understand each of these strands on their own terms and in conflict with one another. And try to provide an international perspective on early modern Protestantism, radical Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism in their complex social, political, and cultural contexts. We will then examine how their differences and conflicts contributed decisively to the emergence of modern ideas and institutions. 

Christianity in the Reformation Era 1500-1650

Introduction and Pre-Reformation Europe                                           Notes        Audio         Pre-Reformation Christianity                                           Slides          Notes       Audio            First Generation - The Luther Phenomena                     Slides          Notes       Audio          Reformation in Switzerland                                             Slides           Notes       Audio           Anabaptism & Early Reform in Low Countries & France      Slides   Notes   Audio           The Catholic Response                                                     Slides            Notes        Audio        Calvin & Spread of Calvinism                                          Slides            Notes        Audio        Protestant Embattlement                                                 Slides            Notes         Audio     Conclusion and Aftermath                                               Slides            Notes         Audio 

Christianity in the Reformation Era       1500-1650

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