Spiritual Formation - All That Glitters"  The Sermon on the Mount

Spiritual Formation - Sermon On The Mount

Study Guide No. 2

All That Glitters


Welcome to a seven-week experience considering your life with God. "All That Glitters" is a great way to dive into this profound sermon, and to draw closer to your family of faith at WHPC!

We will spend these weeks in Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew Chapters 5-7). These chapters in Matthew’s Gospel constitute the largest collection of Jesus’ sayings in the New Testament. They paint a picture of a radically different way of life and a radically new ethic. In this “sermon,” Jesus presents a vision of life in the Kingdom of God.

So, let’s begin. A few notes:

• The passages of scripture in this reading guide are from the newest English translation of the Bible – the CEB. It is a rigorous and scholarly translation and will provide us with a “new” hearing of well-known scripture. 

• This guide will provide you just a bit of study material. Feel free to use a study Bible or commentary for more extensive study.

• This guide will give you one thought a day to ponder and to pray into. Use that thought or allow the Spirit to speak in some other way. 

• No matter how you use this guide, it is my prayer that you spend some time each day reflecting upon Jesus’ vision of life in God’s kingdom. It is also my prayer that such reflection may stretch you, but not distress you as you consider your life. Instead, I pray that God uses this time to show you the places in your life where God’s kingdom comes, and God’s will is being done.


Pastor Stacy December 2019 

All That Glitters - Sermon on the Mount Readings

     Week 1 - Matthew 5:1 thru Matthew 5:8

     Week 2 - Matthew 5:9 thru Matthew 5:26

     Week 3 - Matthew 5:27 thru Matthew 5:48

     Week 4 - Matthew 6:1 thru Matthew 6:15

     Week 5 - Matthew 6:16 thru Matthew 7:5

     Week 6 - Matthew 7:6 thru Matthew 7:16

     Week 7 - Matthew 7:17 thru Matthew 7:28

Spiritual Formation - All That Glitters"  The Sermon on the Mount

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