History of Christianity
Resurrection to Reformation
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Scope: An in-depth study of the history of the development of Christianity in its first 1500 years leading up to the Reformation. Click on the titles to study the class notes or listen to the audio.

Phase I

1. Introduction and the Cultural Context           Jan 21st

2. The Birth of Christianity                                  Jan 28th

3. Life of Paul & The Gospels                              Feb 4th

4. Persecution & Extreme Christianity                Feb 11th

5. The Shaping of Orthodoxy                                Feb 18th

Phase II

6. Christianity and Imperial Politics                        Feb 25th

7. The Spread of a Christian Culture                        Mar 4th

8. A Radical Christianity - Monasticism                    Mar 11th

9. Further Expansion & Rise of Islam                         Mar 18th

Phase III

10. From Roman to Holy Roman Empire                      Mar 25th

11. The Great Divorce & Monastic Reform                    Apr 8th

12. Crusades, Universities, Scholastic Theology         Apr 15th

13. The Inquisitions & The Holy Tradition                    Apr 22nd

14. Corruption and the Beginnings of Reform             Apr 29nd

16. What Have We Learned?                                          May 6th

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