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Study Guide No. 1

"On Your Mark - Get Set - Read"

"On Your Mark" is a 9 week practice allowing you to do a complete in depth and contemplative reading of the Book of Mark, the earliest of the four Gospels of the New Testament. In each week you will have five 5 readings (Monday thru Friday) from Mark, with each passage of scripture followed by a commentary on the passage prepared by Pastor Stacy. Each is then followed by a brief question to ponder about that passage. We encourage you to think deeply about that question as it applies to you and to then offer a brief silent prayer that addresses that question. At the end of the nine weeks you will have read the book of Mark in depth and we hope and pray that you will have a deeper and more contemplative understanding of all of it's rich meanings. 

If your Bible is not handy you can easily read the passage here on Bible Gateway:


On Your Mark - Get Set - Read

The Menu

     Week 1 - Mark 1 thru Mark 39

     Week 2 - Mark 1:40 thru Mark 2:38

     Week 3 - Mark 3:1 thru Mark 3:35

     Week 4 - Mark 4:1 thru Mark 4:31

     Week 5 - Mark 5:1 thru Mark 6:13

     Week 6 - Mark 6:14 thru Mark 7:13

     Week 7 - Mark 7:14 thru Mark 8:21

     Week 8 - Mark 8:22 thru Mark 9:8

     Week 9 - Mark 9:9 thru Mark 9:50

Spiritual Formation Book of Mark

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