Torah - Background and Context


Reading the Torah. Before seriously reading the Torah, we think it is a really good idea to give some thought to how you might want to read it.

A Brief Overview of Israelite History. When we cover this much material it is useful to put things in some historical context. And it helps to use a few maps. This article is a "Readers Digest" view of Israelite history.

The Biblical Canon.  How do we understand the creation of the canon of what the Jewish faith calls the Tanakh and the Christian faith calls the Old Testament? When was it written, and when was it "canonized"?

 The Ancient Near East.  We earlier reviewed Israelite history. An obvious extension of that is to take a look at the known history of the entire ancient near east that Israel became a part of.  Here is another snapshot view of our understandings of the ancient near east.

Torah - Background and Context