Genesis 34:4 - 36:43   Lesson 8 Handout
Torah Portion Vayishlach

Lessons from Jacob's Reconciliation with Esau    
Sandy Kress

1. When we are estranged but hope for reconciliation, we can begin by reaching out through messengers. 

2. We may want both to offer gifts and protect ourselves from feared harm. 

3.  We know we must cross over from where we've been to where we need to go, as if crossing a river. 

4. We struggle in the night of our experience with beings both human and divine, including our image of our adversary, our awareness of God's expectations of us, and our wayward inner self. 

5. Though we prevail, our transformation comes not cleanly but rather with an injury that we bear for all our days.

6.  We are blessed,  and we can now see our face and that of God in the face of the other. 

7.  In the kiss that makes right what had been wrong, we understand that we are yoked only to God who comes to us in love and expects us to come forth with love to others in the world

Torah Portion Vayishlach      Genesis 34:4 - 36:43