Torah Portion Vaetchanan Handout
Deuteronomy 3:23 - 7:11 

Love of God
(Sandy Kress)

We are taught to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might. Our tradition suggests that this love of God comes from our being wholehearted in it, with understanding and feeling, with the very breath of life, and with our strength and best resources. 

Yet, even with this profound and lovely guidance, we look for more specific ways we can feel and express this love of God. 

The details of doing that are our life's work, but here are some approaches that may help us begin:

1. Think about, study, and teach God's words. 

 2. Look for guidance in how to live with righteousness, justice, compassion, and mercy in ways that God teaches in the words. 

 3. Endeavor to live in these ways so that love of God by others is encouraged. 

 4. Draw close to God in both taught and inborn ways to respond to God's call to draw near. 

 5. Beyond acting on learning, search inside for, and act on, a native yearning to seek to cleave to God. 

 6. Grow this love in strength and scope over time, and have hope for a flowering of loyalty, trust, and faith that grows alongside. 

 7. Above all else, make time and space for love of neighbor, for, in our loving others, we show a love that brings a particular delight to the Divine. 

Torah Portion Vaetchanan Handout

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