On Earth As It Is In Heaven 
A New Take On Grace

On Earth As It Is In Heaven - A New Take On Grace

You may have grown up in your Christian life hearing different folks arguing about whether there is a real hell or a real heaven. And you have also Christians arguing about who is saved and who is not. 

Well we know that when Jesus taught us to pray during the sermon on the mount that he said “On earth as it is in heaven”. But we have heard it so many times we have become inured to what it might mean.

Bob came to our class today to talk about that and about his new book titled: “on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN: A New Take on Grace”. Bob used many stories from his long career in Christian counseling to illustrate that the familiar phrase “hell on earth” is certainly real, but for many people hell is an existential reality now rather than some future penalty.  He illustrated that with poignant stories about people who are extremely lonely and as a result feel angry, unforgiven, deserted, threatened, and unloved. Likewise, he told equally poignant stories illustrating heaven on earth – true stories of people who in spite of unbelievable hardships and life tragedies exhibited tremendous lives of loving kindness.  Such people have been saved.

Listen to Bob’s stories!

On Earth As It Is In Heaven  -  A New Take On Grace

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