Wycliff Bible Translators
Matt and Liz Gentry


These are the Gentry's - serving in New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.


Papua New Guinea - for those of us geographically challenged.


The Bible Translation Challenge. Still 1892 languages for 145 million people to go!


This last slide shows the New Ireland Province, (the long stretch) where the Gentry's have done most of their work among the many tribes of PNG.

Matt and Liz Gentry have been serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 2014. They have two children - Lucy and Tasman.  Matt grew up in Westlake Hills Presbyterian and attended Westlake High School. Liz attended Austin High. They both attended Texas A&M.

They quickly began thinking how they could serve and developed a keen interest in possible mission work. After a lot of study of possibilities they eventually chose the Wycliffe opportunity in Papua New Guinea.

Matt's presentation was an inspiring story for the class, with many questions. As a long-standing policy though we usually do not do Zoom recordings of the presentations of our foreign mission partners so that the presenters can freely share their story. 

Fortunately though the Gentry's have made a number of videos of their work and their family life living around and with many of the tribes of PNG. And those videos are posted on their web site and they have made them available for use.  The links are below: Enjoy

To review the videos, most to them fairly short - just go here:


And to contribute directly to their work, without spreading out your contribution across all of Wycliffe, simply go here;


Wycliff Bible Translators
Matt and Liz Gentry

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