Lessons From the Milking Pen 
Bob Lively

We were pleased this Sunday to be visited by an old friend, Bob Lively, to review for us his latest book

“Life Lessons I Learned in the Milking Pen”

From Amazon’s Review:

How do tender memories make your life better? When you take your grandfather’s simple yet profound wisdom -- Life Lessons -- to heart.

Bob Lively learned the value of patience, forgiveness, kindness, and love from a man with a modest formal education who spent years of labor on a sharecropper’s farm in East Texas. 

His grandfather was a model of humanity for his grandsons, teaching them vital perspectives as they accompanied him on his daily chores.

Once they reached the milking pen, they had time to chat, ask him questions, and listen to his stories -- his truth -- told in a pure and straightforward manner.

Never a harsh word or punishment was ever spoken, only encouragement and at times caution.

These Life Lessons are universal, essential, and basic for anyone who needs a reminder of what the truly important things are. 

Read them for inspiration and motivation and discover what they can add to your life.

You can enjoy hearing Bob's review on the Zoom recording below.

Bob's Visit
"Lessons From the Milking Pen"

Lessons From the Milking Pen   -  Bob Lively

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