Spiritual Formation
Mark Week 4

Spiritual Formation Mark Week 4

Monday                   Read Mark 4:1-9

This familiar parable presents two kinds of seeds – those that fail to produce and those that yield grain. This mirrors the two responses Jesus encounters. The crowds follow Jesus and acknowledge his authority and power, while religious leaders and family members question Jesusteachings and actions. The seed parable suggests that rejection will not keep the reign of God from advancing. Just as the harvest comes in due time, Gods word always produces results.

Prayer PromptJesus I want your teaching and your love to grow deeply in my life. Please grow in

Tuesday                   Read Mark 4:10-20

The secret of the kingdom of God. Jesus distinguishes between his disciples and those outsideby suggesting that his disciples can perceive in Jesusteachings and presence the great mystery of Gods grace. Others observe the same things, and hear the same words, but miss Gods activity altogether.

Prayer PromptJesus open my eyes and help me to see you at work. May I comprehend the mystery of your grace in

Wednesday               Read Mark 4:21-29

Jesus continues to teach about mystery. The mystery of our call to be light in the world. The mystery of God working in creation and in our lives unperceptively and unaided. The mystery of kingdom building that exceeds our wildest imaginations!

Prayer PromptJesus allow your light to shine in me and in all that I try to accomplish. Help me to shine light in

Thursday                    Read Mark 4:30-34

With what can we compare the Kingdom of God asks Jesus. The parable of the mustard seed cautions against judging the outcome and fruit of Jesus’ ministry by its modest beginnings. The growth and expansion of Gods work continues in clandestine ways.

Prayer PromptJesus I want to have faith in the future you build. Help me to trust that

Friday                          Read Mark 4:35-41

Here the disciples experience great fear. Amid their chaos and confusion, they wake Jesus. Do you not care that we are perishing they ask? Jesus calms the storm. He also questions their anxiety. Have you still no faith? Jesus challenges the disciples to faith that lifts above the storms of life.

Prayer PromptJesus thank you for being with me in every storm. Thank you for bringing calm and peace. Bring your peace now to

Spiritual Formation   Mark Week 4

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