Spiritual Formation
Mark Week 5

Spiritual Formation Mark Week 5

Monday                 Read Mark 5:1-20

In this portion of Marks gospel, stories of Jesuspower and authority emerge. Here Jesus confronts evil and chaos as it was understood in the first century. Demons recognize Jesus and Jesus overpowers them while bringing peace from the chaos they create. The healed man wants to accompany Jesus, but he is told to go home and tell everyone what God has done – to share the power and mercy he encountered in Jesus.

Prayer PromptGod you have done great things for me. Teach me to share the way you

Tuesday                 Read Mark 5:21-24a, 35-43

Jesus continues to attract people with great need. Here a father approach- es desperately seeking help for his young daughter. Jesus responds with immediate compassion. He demonstrates God-given power and authority over death as he resuscitates the child.

Prayer PromptGod forgive me when I underestimate your power. Resuscitate in me...

Wednesday                 Read Mark 5:24b - 34

In the middle of the story of Jairusdaughter another exhibition of power occurs. A desperately ill and lonely woman approaches Jesus for healing. Jesus has the power to overcome her disease and alienation and that power enters the womans life suddenly. The profundity and completeness of that power brings the woman to her knees. Her fear and trembling come from encountering that power.

Prayer Prompt…God, I know you have power over all things. I want to feel your power in…

Thursday                    Read Mark 6:1-6a

This curious story explores the failure of Jesuspower in his home town. While Gods power in Jesus is unlimited, a response of faith allows that power to be expressed. Rejecting Jesus means rejecting the possibility for healing, hope and wholeness.

Prayer Prompt…God increase my faith. Surprise me again with your power in…

Friday                    Read Mark 6:6b-13

Jesus now empowers the disciples to preach and heal in his name. His authority becomes their authority. His mission and purpose begin to be worked out through those who follow him.

Prayer PromptGod you send me into new situations that need your power and mercy. Be with me as I go into

Spiritual Formation   Mark Week 5

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