Spiritual Formation
Mark Week 6

Spiritual Formation Mark Week 6

Monday              Read Mark 6:14-29

This grisly story appears now in Marks gospel for two reasons. First, it reminds the reader of the grave danger Jesus and his followers face. Secondly, it foreshadows Jesusdeath at the hand of the same enemy. Just as John the Baptists ministry prefigured the ministry of Jesus, his death prefigures the crucifixion of the Christ.

Prayer PromptJesus, your enemies still hold power in the world around me. Be with me as I face

Tuesday              Read Mark 6:30-44

Jesusdisciples find little time to rest as crowds of needy people flock to Jesus. In this beloved miracle story, 5,000 hungry folks receive food. The greater miracle resides in the fact that the disciples become conduits of grace through their obedience.

Prayer PromptGod I want to be used to provide compassion and nourishment for a hungry world. Use me in

Wednesday              Read Mark 6: 45-52

Jesus walks on water a second time. Now his apparition strikes fear in the disciples. No storm rages or tosses the boat. This time the disciples are tossed by anxiety and fear stemming from a lack of vision. Their spiritual blindness continues despite witnessing great healing and great miracles of provision.

Prayer PromptGod I dont always see things clearly when it comes to your work and will. Open my eyes to see….

Thursday                  Read Mark 6: 53-56

Jesus popularity continues to grow. Many come to Jesus for healing and hope. The acceptance and welcome Jesus receives from ordinary people stands in sharp contrast to the resistance Jesus finds with the religious establishment in Jerusalem.

Prayer PromptGod help me to remain open and receptive to youespecially when it comes to

Friday                        Read Mark 7: 1-13

The debate between Jesus and the religious leaders of Jerusalem begins. A discussion ensues about the religious laws surrounding eating and cleanliness. Jesus and his followers are accused of not following the traditions. Jesus counters by suggesting that Gods commandments extend beyond the human traditions of washing and eating.

Prayer PromptGod your command upon my life is more than a tradition. Open my heart to that command in

Spiritual Formation   Mark Week 6

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