The Apostle Paul and the Torah
Stacy Ikard 

We begin today (October 30, 2016) a four week exploration of the Apostle Paul and the Torah, taught by Pastor Stacy Ikard. Most of us are familiar with the notion that Paul, as an observant Jew, was deeply immersed in the words of the Torah. But that relationship was quite complicated, and many studies of it have been done through time. Stacy, who has taught courses on the Apostle Paul for years is well aware of all of these studies and will lead us through this exploration. After our previous deep dives into the Torah and our current deep dive into the miztvot we now have a much deeper understanding of the teachings and can better appreciate a study of Paul's relationship with the Torah. The first (of 3) set  of slides is below.

Apostle Paul and Torah  - Lesson 1 Slides

The Apostle Paul and the Torah
Lesson 1 Slides 

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