All About Catholicism
Father Jim Evans

We were delighted to have a visit in this class from retired (but still active) Catholic Priest Father Jim Evans from St. John Neumann church here in Westlake.

We asked Father Evans if he would be so kind as to visit our class and both tell us about life as a Catholic and give the class a chance to ask questions. Thus most of the class was devoted to an ongoing Q&A session.

The experience was delightful and we express our appreciation to Father Jim for his visit and his great insights.

There was no written presentation in this class - all verbal. But we did record the Zoom experience so if you missed the class you can watch it below on the Zoom Recording. I think you will like it!

BTW - one apology - the Zoom host was slightly asleep at the switch and forgot to start the Zoom Recording from the very beginning. But we have about 95% of it. My bad.

All About Catholicism  - Father Jim Evans

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