Last Sunday in the Third Well
April 23rd, 2023

Luke-Acts - A Gospel and a History of a Movement
2 Weeks (April 16 - April 23) Taught by Mike Ervin

The Gospel Of Luke Is The First Book Of A Two-Volume Work That Scholars Call Luke-Acts. By Far The Longest Single Piece Of Literature In The New Testament, Luke-Acts Tells A Grand Story, From The Births Of Jesus And John The Baptist To The Arrival In Rome Of The Apostle Paul - A History Of Events That Spanned About Six Decades. Luke-Acts Presents Not Merely A Gospel, An Account Of Jesus’s Ministry And Death, But Also The First History Of The Christian Movement.

In Luke-Acts, The Combined Gospel And History Of The Christian Movement, Luke Weaves A  Narrative To Convey A Theological Vision Of The Church In Which God Guides The Community Of Believers Through The Holy Spirit. The Church Portrayed In Luke-Acts Is Not A Haphazard Collection Of Uncoordinated Missions, But A Harmonious Movement, Based In Jerusalem And Led By Apostles Who Were Living Links To Jesus And Witnesses To All That He Said And Did. In This Way, Luke Assures His Readers That The Church To Which They Belong Presents The Gospel Truly, As It Has Been Taught From The Beginning.

Last Sunday in the Third Well

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