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The Proverbs Podcast Series

Sandy Kress spent three weeks with us in a review of some selected Proverbs that he had chosen.

He has taken our class audios and added his introduction to each of our class audios, creating a podcast series of our Proverbs classes. I have been listening to them regularly and I assure you that Sandy's podcasts are a major upgrade to our class audios because of his excellent introductions.

So for anyone who missed that experience of studying the Proberbs as well as those who want to repeat it you can now enjoy it in a new way. To study on your own schedule you can simply click below on the first Proverbs classes and listen to that podcast and continue all the way through, either weekly as we did before or more quickly if you wish.

And if you want to delve deeper into those classes you can click on the link below and review the class notes that we worked from:

Another big thank you to Sandy for putting all of this effort into creating this podcast series.

Sharing the Sacred Selected Proverbs - Podcast 1

Sharing the Sacred Selected Proverbs - Podcast 2

Sharing the Sacred Selected Proverbs - Podcast 3

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