Song of Songs
Lesson 2 Study Plan

Song of Songs Lesson 2 Study Plan

I. Introduction and Re-cap 

II. Verses to Study 

A.   Read 5:6-9 and 6:1-2. 

1. What may have caused this separation of the two lovers? When the lover seeks a return, who seems to block it? And why?  

2. Explore and explain this encounter between the lover and the “Jerusalem girls?”

3. Where has the Beloved gone?

B.   Read 5:10-16.  

Can you decipher some or all of the qualities of the Beloved (God) that the lover (we) ascribe here?

C.   Read 6:7-11. 

Can you decipher some or all of the qualities of the lover (us) that the Beloved (God) and others see that are worthy and admirable? 

D.   Read 7:3-10. 

We read several of these verses when we studied Talmud and ethics. How do these poetic images convey ways in which we act and live that are pleasing to God?

E.    Read 7:11-14. 

These verses are all about love-making. How can we best understand their meaning as to what happens when we’re intimate with God?

F.    Read 8:3-5

There seems again to be a sense of love playing out in another place, at a different time, or under different circumstances. What might be going on here?

G.   Read 8:6-7, 14.

What additional insights do we garner from these verses about love in our relationship with God?

III. Conclusion - what are our takeaways from this study?

Song of Songs - Lesson 2 Study Plan

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