Spiritual Formation
Book of Mark Week 7

Spiritual Formation  - Book of Mark Week 7

Monday                 Read Mark 7:14-23

As religious leaders make arguments concerning cleanliness and godliness, Jesus never varies his teaching. "There is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile." True cleanliness or holiness is a matter of the heart according to Jesus. Evil intentions and actions defile people and defile our world. Ritual cleansing cannot wash away evil. Such evil calls for transformed hearts.

Prayer PromptJesus you know me. You know my heart. Create in me a clean heart as I

Tuesday                    Read Mark 7: 24-30

In this troubling interaction with a distressed Gentile mother, Jesus harshly refuses to help. Let the children be fed first says Jesus. His mission is for the Jews and his mission is urgent. The mother gives a humble and spirited response. Even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs. The woman acknowledges Jesusprimary mission, receives healing for her daughter and becomes part of the vanguard of Gentiles being included in the Kingdom of God.

Prayer PromptGod grant me the humility to take my place in your plan. Help me to ask for

Wednesday                 Read Mark 7: 31-37

Jesus comes upon a man both deaf and unable to speak. With some saliva and a touch, the mans ears open and his tongue loosens. The prophecy of Isaiah about a future time of salvation when the ears of the deaf [are] unstopped…and the tongue of the speechless sing for joy (Isaiah 35:5-6) is fulfilled in Jesuslife.

Prayer PromptGod open my ears to hear you speak and open my lips to proclaim your praise. Help me to do that in

Thursday                 Read Mark 8: 1-10

Once again hungry people have come to learn from Jesus, and once again Jesus desires to feed their stomachs as well as their souls. Interestingly the disciples seem to forget Jesusability to feed the multitudes, because they ask How can one feed these people with bread here in the desert? With Jesus everyone is fed. Like those early disciples we must learn to rely on God for provision and for mercy.

Prayer PromptGod give me my daily bread and help me to trust you, especially in

Friday                  Read Mark 8: 12-21

Here we find two examples of faithlessness. One is the example of the Pharisees who need signs. They refuse to respond in faith to what God does through Jesus. The other is the example of the disciples who worry about a lack of food. Jesus calls them to remember the food provided in the past. Do you not yet understand, says Jesus? He urges them to concentrate and remember Gods mercy in the past so that they can have faith in the present.

Prayer Prompt… God give me my daily bread and help me to trust you, especially in

Spiritual Formation   Book of Mark Week 7

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