Spiritual Formation
Mark Week 9

Spiritual Formation Mark Week 9

Monday                Read Mark 9: 9-13

As the disciples come down from the mountain of transfiguration, the mountain where they catch a glimpse of Jesusresurrected glory, they wonder about Jesustalk of resurrection. Nothing in Old Testament scripture or tradition taught of individual resurrection. Instead of asking directly about resurrection, the disciples ask Jesus questions about the prophet Elijah. They are not ready for the truth of what Jesus faces in Jerusalem.

Prayer PromptGod help me face the truth. Be with me as I seek the truth about

Tuesday                Read Mark 9: 14-29

Here the Gospel of Mark records the last exorcism of Jesus as he heads toward Jerusalem. This exorcism is noteworthy for a few reasons. The father of the afflicted boy complains that Jesusdisciples were unable to heal the child. Such failure expresses the experience of the faithful throughout the centuries. Why does evil still seem to have such power in our lives and our world? Why does Gods good work seem unsuccessful, despite our best efforts? The cry of the good father remains our cry; Lord: I believe; help my unbelief!

Prayer PromptGod I am a mixture of faith and doubt. In both I know you are with me. Increase my faith in

Wednesday                Read Mark 9: 30-37

This is the second time that Jesus predicts his death. The disciples fail to ask him anything about this prediction, but instead argue among themselves about the greatestdisciple. With great patience, Jesus continues to teach them that the first must be last in the Kingdom of God.

Prayer PromptGod turn my attention to your Kingdom and your way of thinking about what is great. Teach me not to put myself first when it comes to

Thursday                Read Mark 9: 38-41

Jesus explores an interesting concept in this passage. Can God use people or events for divine purposes, even without their knowledge or consent? Whoever is not against us is for us, says Jesus. Gods movement in the  world is mysterious and bigger than the disciples could even begin to imagine!

Prayer PromptGod help me to remain open to the ways you are at work. Help me to accept your work in

Friday                    Read Mark 9: 42-50

As Jesus continues to head to Jerusalem and to his crucifixion and resurrection, teaching about judgement and the end of time will increase. Putting the welfare of others and Gods kingdom first isnt just Jesusteaching. It is the way Jesus lives to the very end.

Prayer PromptGod you demand a lot of me. Help me to live up to your demands. Let my life never create stumbling blocks for

Spiritual Formation  Mark Week 9

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