Spiritual Formation
Mark Week 8

Spiritual Formation Mark Week 8

Monday                    Read Mark: 8 22-26

This is the only healing story in all four gospels that records Jesus making two attempts to bring about healing. After the first attempt, Jesus asks can you see anything? The mans vision remains impaired. Jesus stays with the man and gives a second healing touch to restore sight. This healing highlights two important things. First, that some forms of blindness are difficult to overcome. The spiritual blindness of the disciples will be revealed in just a few verses, and it will take them more than one encounter with Jesus to be able to see the fullness of Gods plan. Secondly, that Jesus stays with those who suffer and cannot seeuntil things become clear.

Prayer PromptJesus thank you for touching my life with your love and grace. Stay close to me and help me to see

Tuesday                    Read Mark: 8: 27-30

In many ways this passage creates the hinge of the Gospel of Mark. Everything in the Gospel so far points to this moment, and everything that follows in the Gospel will flow out of this confession. Who do you say that I am? The question hangs in the air for the disciples and it remains the most important question for believers and for the church today. You are the Messiah. Peter gets the answer right but must keep quiet for now. The world is not ready for the kind of Anointed Onecoming into the world in Jesus. The work of the Anointed Onemust be completed before Peters confession can be publicly expressed and celebrated.

Prayer PromptJesus thank you for touching my life with your love and grace. Stay close to me and help me to see

Wednesday                    Read Mark: 8: 31-33

This is the first of three passion announcements from Jesus. Three times Jesus will explain that his suffering and death are part of Gods plan. This news is not easy for the disciples to comprehend or accept. Peter absolutely refuses to receive such a prediction! Peters very human response fails to accept that God can use suffering in redemptive ways. Jesus wont allow such thinking to get in the way of the task ahead.

Prayer PromptJesus I have a hard time seeing God at work in suffering and in evil. Help me hold back judgement and wait upon

Thursday                    Read Mark: 8: 34 - 9:1

Here we learn the deepest mystery of following Jesus – the hallmark of a life of faith. Here Jesus teaches that his followers will need to do more than just believe in Jesus, confessing him as the Messiah who suffers and dies for the love of the world. Here Jesus teaches that his followers must exhibit self-denial and sacrifice for the sake of the world as well.

Prayer PromptJesus help me to love as you command. Help me to deny myself in 

Friday                    Read Mark: 9: 2-8

James, John and Peter receive a sneak peekof the glory that awaits Jesus in the resurrection. This brief vision stays with them and comforts them in the days that follow.

Prayer PromptJesus I cant always see you or feel your power in my life. Grant me a brief vision of your power in

Spiritual Formation   Mark Week 8

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